How It Started vs. How It's Going

You know that feature on Facebook that allows you to see your memories? Yeah, the one that simultaneously makes you cringe and smile fondly? Well, it recently reminded me that W&R just celebrated it's 5th year in existence! 

If you've been with us since the beginning, you've seen a myriad of re-workings. From handwritten labels to company name changes, it's been quite the journey. So, in honor of not taking ourselves too seriously and appreciating humble beginnings, I wanted to share some How it started vs. How it's going photos with you. Enjoy!


Facial Masks

(the true OG products!) 

How it started

How it's going

Different look, same feel 

Btw...this gal deserves a lot of credit for handwriting a TON of labels for me in the early days. Thanks, Chels! xo


Lip Balms

How it started

These were the WORST to label. Hand cut paper labels that were taped on...impressive, no? Anyway, I've put that behind me.

How it's going

This year we said goodbye to plastic tubes and upgraded to these beautiful kraft recyclable tubes! #winning

And last but certainly not favorite old school product:

Forest Balm

How it started

How it's going


But through it all, there have been big smiles

Totally elated and feeling in over my head seeing my products on display in my community at the Fireweed Gallery.

Many people ask me how I started this business. My answer is never really that impressive. I just mutter something along the lines of, "I just really like plants..." I don't feel particularly creative or ingenious. And when I think (and look) back at the beginnings of this journey, a part of me feels a little sheepish. But ultimately, I'm proud of this thing that I've created from a simple fondness of flora and I'm glad for those "early days" photos. 

So, I'd say its going pretty well...




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