Siren of the Sea Clay Mask

Siren of the Sea Clay Mask

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This clay facial mask is the perfect addition to any morning or night time hygiene routine. Handcrafted with bentonite clay to help remove toxins from your pores, allow your skin to heal, and reduce inflammation. The clay is paired with sustainably harvested sea kelp to help skin look and feel refreshed and soft.

Approximately 40 uses

Directions: avoid using metal during preparation. mix together 1/2 tsp powder with 1 tsp liquid. apply in circular motions to face, avoiding eyes. leave on for 10-20 min and gently remove with washcloth and warm water

Handcrafted with: organic bentonite clay, organic oats, sea kelp, and *chamomile flowers

*certified organic

-cruelty free
-paraben, synthetic, soy & gluten free
-zero artificial colors | dyes
-alcohol free
-chemical free

Available in 4 oz glass jar

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