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Devil's Club Facial Wash



Devil's Club plays an important role in Alaskan indigenous culture and is revered for its powerful medicinal properties. I've used it in salves and balms to treat cuts, rashes, burns, and bruises, and now its healing energy is front and center in this soothing Facial Wash. Its centuries-old healing powers make it a must-have for treating acne, skin diseases, and dandruff. Experience its extraordinary power for yourself!


Directions: gently shake the bottle before each use. Pump a small amount in your hand. Massage the cleanser on your face using circular motions, then rinse off with warm water and a washcloth. Pair with our Rosehip Facial Serum for beautifully moisturized skin! 


Handcrafted with: organic *castile soap, rose hydrosol, witch hazel, vitamin c, **devil's club, *jojoba oil, *vitamin e oil, *aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, & *rosehip seed oil

*Certified organic ingredients
**Locally & sustainably harvested in Gustavus, Alaska

Available in 2, 4, & 16 fluid oz.

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