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Botanical Facial Steam


Take your facial care to the next level with this botanical beauty! Facial steams are known to be the best possible way to perform a deep cleanse of the pores.

I've thoughtfully chosen herbs that are nutrient rich to feed and tone the skin. When the plant matter is heated and steamed, the cleansing aromatic oils are released and absorbed into the skin. Best of all, its smells and feels incredible. In fact, it's my favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon!


Normal + Dry Skin Blend: *lavender, *rose buds, *chamomile, **calendula, and *comfrey

Normal + Oily Skin Blend: *sage, *witch hazel, *comfrey, *rosemary, **calendula flower

*certified organic

**wildharvested in Gustavus, AK


To to use: Bring the herbs to a boil in a large pot of water. Once at a full boil, remove from heat source. Completely cover the pot and your head with a large thick towel. It will be very hot under the towel so if you need to take a breathing break, do so! Try to steam for 5-8 min. Once finished, you should feel like you're freshly out of a plant sauna! Immediately rinse your face with cold water and mist with plant water, and moisturize


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Available in 4 oz. glass jars (Approx. 2-3 uses)

12 pieces in stock

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