Wren & Raven Botanicals

Ultimate Salve Collection

$65 $72

A whole bunch of plant power in one place!

The collection includes:

1 Forest Balm, Cottonwood Salve, 1 Cayenne Warming Salve, & 1 Moontime Balm

Forest Balm is crafted with some of the best medicinal forest flora in Alaska, this balm is the ultimate healer. It is crafted with devil's club to ease joint as well as muscle pain and inflammation. 

Cottonwood Salve: The leaf buds of the cottonwood tree contain tannins, as well as anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing salicylates. The resins from the buds also possess antifungal and antimicrobial properties in the form of flavones. An oil or salve made from this resin can bring relief to pain caused by swelling, arthritis, strains, and general muscle pains.

Cayenne Warming Salve is crafted with anti-inflammatory ginger and St. John's Wort, this warming salve will help ease deep tissue and muscular pain as well as joint aches. The cayenne pepper helps to topically warm the skin and penetrate the muscles and joints.

Moontime Balm  is handcrafted with organic and sustainably harvested flora. Each plant was carefully chosen due to it's medicinal properties related to alleviating the various symptoms that come along with menstrual cycles.


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