Moontime Balm - Menstrual Salve
Moontime Balm - Menstrual Salve

Moontime Balm - Menstrual Salve

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This healing herbal balm is handcrafted with organic and sustainably harvested flora. Each plant was carefully chosen due to it's medicinal properties related to alleviating the various symptoms that come along with menstrual cycles.

I enjoy using this balm just before my menstural cramps begin & then I continue using it through the remainder of my period. This balm will specifically target menstrual cramps, bloating, aches, and general PMS symptoms.

Directions: Just before and during menstruation  rub this balm all over your lower back & abdomen area. After application, if you have a hot water bottle or heating pad available, lay that on top of lower back and/or abdomen. The application of heat will help the salve and essential oils absorb into the muscles faster.

Handcrafted with: extra virgin olive oil, *st. john's wort, *raspberry leaf, *crampbark, wildcrafted yarrow, *stinging nettle, *beeswax, & pure essential oils
*certified organic

Please note that due to the nature of some herbs used, pregnant women should NOT use this balm.

-handcrafted in small batches 
-cruelty free
-pesticide free
-sustainably sourced 
-zero artificial colors | dyes
-chemical free

Available in 2 oz.

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